Why Does Your Business Need a Professional Website

Why Does Your Business Need a Professional Website?

There are many small business owners who believe they won’t get any benefit from having a website or that a website is simply too expensive.  If a computer is not a day to day part of your business don’t make the mistake of thinking your customers don’t use one.  In this day and age your company needs a website no matter how small and here are the reasons why.


Consumers use the internet to find products and services and if you’re not there your customers are going to go to a competitor.  If you have a web site but it is “homemade” it is long past time you upgraded.  Having a site that has been professionally done will give you the professional image you need and it inspires confidence.

It Saves You Time

It takes time to answer customer inquiries be it on the phone or face to face, if you’re website is online they can get all that information from your site as opposed to taking your time.  Your website should have all your pertinent information right there for customers to see, things like business hours, addresses and details about your products.

It Never Closes

Your site is available to potential and existing customers 24 hours per day.  Then can look at your products or services whenever they want whether your business is opened or not.

You Can Access Bigger Markets

Gone are the days when brick and mortar stores only sold their goods to local folks.  You can now sell your products all over the world 24 hours a day.  It’s not just products either there are plenty of people who sell their services globally too.  Houses and cars are being sold over the internet  on eBay and Craigslist so don’t assume you can’t sell your products there too.

It Provides Customer Service

Including FAQs pages on your site, having a blog, or producing an email newsletter every month gives you the ability to answer your customers’ questions and keeping the up to date.  Here’s an example, say you’re an accountant, your website gives you the opportunity to offer book keeping tips or advice around tax season.  While this is simple for you it offers great value to your customers.

Showcase Your Business

A website allows you to showcase your work, it is like a brochure and catalog all in one.  You can include portfolios, galleries and videos to demonstrate your products or services and let people know what your business is all about.  You can change it or update it as often as you like, you simply cannot do that with printed material without spending a fortune.

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Written by jimmy